Feb 192012

Well today I finally finished the conversion.
Ive been doing the title screen conversion over a few days as its a very boring task

As you can see, the palette isn’t correct when originally copying the image over so this has to be changed manually after its all complete.

Once complete though, its identical to the original

All the graphics have been changed to original RI ones and plays pretty much the same.
There are still a few differences:
1. Some of the DIP switches do nothing.
2. Every now and then the sprites when a monster is killed are messed up. Cant locate the code where its going wrong.
3. Secret rooms do not work.

I can honestly say all of the images were taken from my conversion in MAME and not from the actual Rainbow Islands ROMs.
I haven’t actually tested it on the real hardware yet so it may not work the same as it does in MAME though. Fingers crossed it does.

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  1. Facinating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great blog mate, I check it every now and then and am always happy to see more content 🙂

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