Apr 142023

I’ve used this cheap desoldering station for many years now. Despite its quirks and constant demand for cleaning its been a great work horse.

The an immovable blockage happened recently and I just couldn’t clear it so decided it was time to replace the element. I thought I had a spare from years ago but turns out I have ordered the wrong part.
Looking for the correct part I found it was almost the same price to buy a new gun part itself and I wouldn’t have to mess around slicing the wired inside.

New gun came and all was well in the world for around 5 minutes when the unit got stuck in a reset loop.
Obviously there was a short somewhere so set to work checking resistance until I found a shorted element.
All the wires for this thing are very tightly routed and when i pulled them out I found this

Those small breaks in insulation from being sandwiched together so tight caused my issue. A little bit of insulation tape later and I was back in business

  2 Responses to “Duratool Desolder station repair log”

  1. Nice one Jon !
    I had the same station for more than 10 years, replaced it last year by an Hakko, never looked back since :p

    I had the same kind of blockage once, fixed it using a small driller, the kind you use for model making …

    • cheers, my friend.
      Other people says their unit was garbage so there might be massive differences which you would expect from something at this price. Guess I got lucky with mine.
      I do need to get a ‘prodder’ of some sort ordered

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