A09 Konami-1 cross assemblerBased on L.C. Benschop's original A09 6809 Assembler. This version encrypts 6809 op-codes for the Konami-1 CPU as found in various Konami 80s arcade games.ShoestringDOWNLOAD
BINman v4.6.8
It can interleave, deinterleave, byteswap (and other stuff) binary filesPorchyDOWNLOAD
BINpatch v0.9
Make changes to a binary file by defining the changes in a text filePorchyDOWNLOAD
CalcSig v2.0a
Calculate Fluke 9010 & 9100 signaturesPorchyDOWNLOAD
Frontend for MAME's ROMCMP programPorchyDOWNLOAD
TAP2WAVA great program made by Gaia. Ive recompiled this so it now works on modern operating systems including 64bit. Hosted with permissionGaiaDOWNLOAD
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