Feb 162012

Today I finished off the main character sprite. After that I started work on restoring all the title screen text.
Getting the standard copyright info back was a simple task of replacing the “1989” text in the ROM file with the text from the real Rainbow Islands ROM.

Ignore the title screen image, I made a start on changing the graphics just to see what the colours would be like.
So the text is back but there is also a red Taito logo missing. After much searching it turned out that the logo is actually being drawn but its palette is set to black so is not shown. This explain why I saw it on my real board when fault finding a colour issue.

Following the same routine I used for changing the character palette I found the value at address $229E8 and changed it from 00 to 3E which after the bitshift routine, sets the palette to 000F (Red)

And with that done I think all that is left to do is finish off replacing the graphics tiles for the title screen. This may take a while and will probably end up adding a little something to it just to set it apart from a genuine board.

I am aware that on this bootleg the secret rooms do not work. This is because the C chip is not present on the board and there is little I can do about that. Overall its been a fun little project.


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