Feb 272012

Myself and my mate StiGGy were wanting another SD2IEC device for a couple of reasons. The other one I have was made by SirMorris and is still going strong but didn’t want to bother him with making a couple more so I asked him if I could have his original schematics which he very kindly supplied.
The result is 4 shiny new boards straight from China. I originally ordered 2 but for some reason they always seem to double up my order but I’m not complaining.

Ive got most of the parts on order but Farnell don’t seem to have the SD slots available that aren’t on US stock order (and extra £15) so ill look else where for those.

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  1. Once you get the schematic, do you also need the PCB Design in a file or do you just send them the schematic and they make the PCB Board from there? Im not sure how the process works.

    • You need to create Gerber files. Eagle cad can do this using the CAM processor option in the File menu. The board fabricator will tell you what files to send.

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