May 252014

I loaned a couple of cartridges from muddymusic recently.
The F3 carts have a few different PAL chips in them and I have dumped and tested all present in the carts I have. All the chips were unlocked.
I already had a couple of F3 PAL dumps from Twin Cobra 2 thanks to Kevin Eshbach. I have also changed his PAL dumps from game specific to general “Taito F3 cartridge”.

MM also sent me a load of Juno First boards to look at. The original boards use a custom 6809 CPU that uses encrypted opcodes. The bootleg boards use a regular 6809 CPU but have 2 PAL chips to implement the encryption.
There is also a PAL10L8 chip present on the original board (marking are scratched off but is present on schematics), I havent tested yet but I think this will be compatible with the one from the bootleg.
None of the Juno First PALs are tested as the board sets all have issues.

Thanks to muddymusic for lending me his stuff.

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