Nintendo Super System – stereo to mono

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Jul 032011

Not really a repair but useful information.
My NSS board by default is set to stereo sound output.
This is no good for me but fortunately it can be switched for mono output via the on board jumper pads and the silk screen clearly states what needs to be done.
Although most people will not need a guide on how to do this, I thought id write it up anyway for just for the sake of it.

Silk screen instruction clearly show for mono output jumpers SL1, 2 and 3 and CL1 and 2 need to be closed.

On my board the CL jumpers were already shorted but non of the SL ones were.

I used a tiny off cut from a recently soldered capacitor to make up small links to solder in and within a couple of minutes all was complete.

The board now outputs mono sound.
I also noticed my BIOS ROM was labelled up “NSS V3” and I am pretty sure MAME only has V2. I dumped it and sure enough it wasn’t recognised by MAME.
Ill have to get it sent off or you can download it here

Nintendo Super System

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Feb 242011

I have got hold of a very nice Nintendo Super System. This was the arcade equivalent of the Super Nintendo. The board is in very good condition but was sold on eBay as “untested” which usually means it doesn’t work.

The board came with 3 games, Super Mario World, Super Soccer and Super Tennis. From what I can tell all these games are the same as the SNES versions with the addition of the game timer.

It came today and I fired it up, it uses a standard JAMMA pinout with a couple of extra things and stereo sound instead of mono.
Much to my surprise the board boots up and everything plays fine.

Its an interesting piece of hardware but not sure why it was ever made as it was released around the same time as the SNES was.