CPS2 PAL Dumps – BGSB1 & BGSB2

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Aug 132011

Have just finished dumping the other 2 PAL chips from a CPS2 B board.
They are:
BGSB1 and

Both have been tested on my Japan X-Men Children of the Atom board
The BGSB3 PALs (F and G) are already available for download.

Street Fighter Zero 2 repair log #1

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Mar 022011

Got this for repair today. Was under the impression it had suicided but this had jailbars on all screens starting from the Q sound screen.

On opening the case it was obvious what the cause may be.
One of the gfx maskroms was only half fitted.

Refitting the Rom fixed the problem.

X-Men Children of the Atom Phoenix error

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Mar 022011

I got 2 CPS2 boards today for repair.
One of them was a Children of the Atom game that had suicided, simple enough.
I erased ROMs 3 and 4 and burned the bootleg code. The game booted up to the copyright screen then bombed me out with an error.

After a bit of playing about it turns out that the installed ROMs were from the Japanese version of this game and this is different from the Euro version (which is what the Phoenix ROMs are based on) so I had to erase ROMs 5 – 10 and reprogram them with the Euro version.

CPS2 volume fix

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Feb 122011

I have been looking for a fault on a CPS2 A board today. There was no volume coming out to the JAMMA connector but there was from the line out connectors (Stereo Q sound).
I couldn’t really find anything wrong as I had proved the on board amp was working.

I entered the test menu and it reported the volume was up full so I started to turn it down, when I got half way down the volume bar disappeared and the volume reported being set at 0. When I started to turn the volume up again the sound was back and it works perfectly.

Not sure what this was all about but its certainly something to keep in mind before I start poking around with a similar fault again.

CPS2 A board repair log

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Feb 052011

Very small repair.
I have finished making up plugs for various kick harnesses which makes it nice and easy to swap out games. I started playing my Street Fighter Zero 2 game and the sound was far too loud, when I tried to enter the test mode I found that none of the buttons on the A board worked.
I opened the case and found that the buttons had seen better days.
The buttons are normal SMD push buttons. The Capcom ones have a fifth leg which is just grounding the case of the push button and the ones I have as replacement one have 3 but since the buttons are activated via plastic switches I’m not too bothered.
Id already replaced the TEST button when I took this picture.

Changed all 3 and tested the board. The volume can now be set to a normal level.