Feb 022013

Got a Tetris that was sold as faulty.
As with pretty much any PCB I buy, a visual check was carried out and straight away I found this capacitor.

The board came with an adapter but looked a mess and the wire was far too thin on the power lines so I swapped it out.
I also found a couple of pins touching in one of the unused connectors

And finally I found the sound pot was no soldered in at all and was missing its ground pin.

I took a pot from an old scrap board and fitted it.

Now it was boot up time.

All looks ok so far, but…..

I initially thought it was a dodgy EPROM but they checked out fine. Then I realised that the EPROM at location B1 on the ROM board was missing.

I burned a new one from the Jap set and now we have this.

Everything seems to be working fine.
This board still has its battery installed in the FD1094 and surely will be coming to the end of its life by now. I don’t trust myself with a battery change but I think I have desuicided ROM’s so will just wait until it dies completely or I will sell it on as I cant imagine wanting to play this in my cab.

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