Aug 012010

Got a broken DD board off Ebay. Original fault was the picture was white with black blocks.

The board had many repairs done in the past, some bad some good, so I started by removing them all and checking them through. One of them was a length of kynar replacing a lifted track but was going to the wrong place! fixed that but made no difference at all.
Some of the RAM had been socketed but had used badly cut down sockets, replaced these also.

After a long time inspecting the underneath of the boards and fixing a LOT of broken tracks I noticed a few chips on the CPU board had a lot of flux around the solder points but no sockets had been fitted here. They were all 74LS273 chips and one was a Fujitsu! Put the probe of the Fujitsu chip and most of the pins were dead. Desoldered to find a lot more broken tracks. Tested the old chip, it failed miserably. Put a socket in, pulled the schematics for the CPU board and repaired all the tracks that were broken. New chip inserted and fired it up, all back to normal.

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