Jan 242012

Received this Plus/4 today from eBay. Sold as untested with no PSU and fully expected this to be broken.

The power supply connector is a 4 pin affair that looks similar to the C128 and Amiga but it is not. All is not lost however as if you remove the original connector it can be directly replaced with one from a C64, and that’s just what I did.

The swap was a very quick operation and to my surprise the system fired up with no issues other than some keys on the keyboard need a little more force than others.

I think the SD2IEC is also compatible but I will need an external power supply for it as mine normally plugs into the cassette port of a C64/128 for its power needs.

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  3 Responses to “Commodore Plus/4”

  1. Looking good there, have always like the Plus/4, especially those funky cursor keys and woot woot, reset button for all those game POKES. I like the fact that the c64 PSU adaptor looks to be ian easy swapout and am tempted to do this myself as it would be great to use just one PSU for the c16,c64, plus/4 and Vic 20.

  2. Nice find! hope you got good deal on it, you deserve it 🙂

    • i think i got a pretty good deal on it. prices (ebay) seem to be going a little crazy on retro stuff at the moment

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