Jan 152012

Today I decided to make my own SwinSID as I had the schematics and also had the parts laying about.
After a short time checking everything was going to the right places I fitted it into my C64 and fired it up.
As expected it works just fine.
The board still needs cut down to size. I didnt add the ground planes on this one due to some through hole issues.

Thanks to Swinkels for making the SwinSID software

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  3 Responses to “Homemade Micro SwinSID”

  1. This sounds like a fun project.. im working on PLA chip right now (waiting for sockets)
    once i get that ill start my NanaSid project.
    You got any more info on this?


    • Sure, what info do you want?
      What you using for your pla replacement? The pls100 chips I’ve got work well and the fpga alternative is also a really good device but can be pricey.
      If you send ne your email I can send you the files for the swinsid should you need them

  2. I got these HT27C512-70 OTP Eprom… no idea how they will work but someone told me they had good luck with C64 PLA replacements with these.
    I cant start til i get the sockets.. Ill let you know when im ready to start on the Sid

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