BINman update – v4.6.4b

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Feb 182020

A few updates.
*Small bug fix when loading larger files so they now load.
*Removed a couple of the more obscure routines as I wasn’t happy with them.
*Now, if the loaded file is an uneven size it will offer to pad the file for you. Minimum size for this is 0x400.
*Fixed a bug with bit manipulation when saving/loading settings


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BINman v3.2 update

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Mar 302014

Although I haven’t been uploading updates for this I have steadily been working on it for a while now.
Ive added a lot of things that I have needed to make use of so here it is.


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BINman update

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Feb 282013

So I said the last update would be the final one. I lied.
Nothing changed but added a 32 bit interleave support. Will probably add 32 bit deinterleave support at some point too but I havent needed that function yet.

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BINman update

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Nov 202012

This will probably be the final update of this program.
The HEX2BIN stuff has been removed as I wasnt happy with it and dont have any need for it anymore, plus it was very buggy.
The code has had its final optimisation too.

It continues to serve me well but there is nothing else I need it to do.

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BINman update

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Sep 232012

Ive been doing a lot more work on my program recently, mainly in tidying up the code but ive also added a HEX to BIN function.
It supports Intel Hex and Motorola S19.

This is really experimental at this stage. It works for what I want it for but its by no means fool proof. I fully expect it to not work for every file/every one.
BINman Download

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