Another BINman update

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Aug 082012

Ive been developing BINman a little more and some others have let me know they are using it too which is nice.
Here is an updated version (v1.6)

The layout has changed a bit to remove any clutter that would be caused by adding new features. Its now all operated by the menu bar.
It can now:
>split a file in to 2, 4 or 8 smaller files. These files are named “file#” where # is the sequential number of files generated.
>swap the upper and lower half of a file
>combine 2 files together

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BINman (formerly Byteman) program

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Jul 262012

Some long term readers may recall some time ago I made a program called Byteman.
It was a simple program written in VB.NET and it allowed the user to quickly and easily interleave, deinterleave and byte swap binary files.
I use this program a lot and was starting to get a little frustrated with its bugs so I finally recovered the source code from my laptop and gave it some much needed attention.

Anyway, its done and its more useable than before. Ive also removed the silly online update checking routine as it could get slow.
Ive done my best to remove any major bugs but I don’t doubt there will be some left in there.


You will need .NET Framework V4.0 to run it

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HP 16500A logic analyser ROM dump

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Jun 042012

I dumped the 2 ROMs from my unit today.

These are for the A model only and need to be burned to 27c256 EPROMs.
I haven’t seen these anywhere else so hopefully someone will find them useful.
They can be found in the downloads section

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Mar 282012

I made up a small memory test program for WWF Wrestlefest.
It only tests the 2 background RAM’s at present. My original program tested the foreground and sprite RAM too but the FG test kept failing. After a lot of EPROM erasing I figure it isn’t possible to read the RAM back, only write to it. There may be a way as there are a couple of undocumented writes to areas in the address space.
I got bored after a while and because of this sprite RAM isn’t tested. One day I might finish it, its probably only a few minutes worth of work.

Regarding the undocumented addresses:
The first at $140016 seems to be the watchdog reset and is called by the command clr.w $140016.
The second at $140008 has something to do with the screen output. I found if this wasn’t cleared then some portions of the screen didn’t refresh. This only applied to the FG0 RAM but may also apply to the sprite RAM too.
Neither of these are used or mentioned in the MAME driver and the driver for this game seems to be quite inaccurate compared to the real board.

Ive uploaded the test program and can be used by replacing the EPROMs at location 18 and 19 with 27C020’s or 27C010’s
WWF MemTest Download

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Pooyan bootleg Konami 501 replacement board

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Jan 142012

Zabanitu has sent me his schematic that has been reverse engineered from the (Konami) 501 replacement board on his bootleg Pooyan.
At this point it is untested and maybe there is even a possibility this will work on a genuine board too?

Here is the Eagle CAD schematic anyway should anyone want to try this out
If you do, please let me know what the outcome was.

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