Feb 172014

I’m on a roll at the moment and this one was one of the smoothest repairs Ive ever done.
Here I have a couple of boards from muddymusic. First up is Bionic Commando.

There was a ribbon cable missing completely. Ive got loads of these spare so that was pretty easy to replace.
Test time. The game booted to garbage.
First step was to check the program ROMs and found this on one chip

and this on another

With those sorted the game now boots although all the text is a bit messed up.

With the help of the MAME source which specifically identifies which ROM is responsible for text I pulled the ROM and read it. Each read gave a different CRC so it failed its verification.
Burning a new EPROM for TS-08 brought back all the text.

Job done.

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  2 Responses to “Bionic Commando repair log #1”

  1. Nice repair… fantastic game };-P

  2. Well done, as always.
    I’ve an original Bionic commando pcb, my problem is that it pass the self-test without any error but immediatly after the screen is blank and nothing more.
    Before doing any attempt of reparing, I’d like to know if the 8751 could cause this if it is faulty ?


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