Jan 022011

Ive been using this device for a while now but never really mentioned it.
Its a very useful device used for testing digital IC’s up to 40 pin for correct logical functioning. Any discrepancy results in a FAIL result and the fault information is displayed. It can execute various test loops including repeated test until pass, repeated test until fail and permanent loop test, the device can also search for unknown devices providing they are functional.
There is an RS232 port on the device which allows software to communicate with the Chipmaster and upload new software or create new truth tables of your own.
The device can test:
54/74 CMOS and TTL IC’s
Interface/peripheral/microprocessor and LSI IC’s

Bring able to test logic, RAM and Z80s if a massive help to me when troubleshooting arcade PCB’s.

The Chipmaster is an excellent bit of hardware but it does have a couple of annoying traits.

Firstly, the screen has a slow refresh and results in ghosting when it scrolls the fail information making it very hard to read properly.

Second, the CompactLink software to upgrade the device does not come with it and is not free. In fact it costs a few hundred pounds which I think is ridiculous considering the cost of the unit if you were to buy it from normal vendors.
I know the software also allows the user to create their own libraries but I believe it should be capable to apply the software updates from ABI for nothing.

There is a JTAG connector inside which I have been tempted to test out but I really see no point at this time.

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