Dec 232010

I got a bootleg version of Monster Lair which is a massive 2 board set, very badly put together and didn’t play all too well. I had no interest in fixing this game up but after harvesting all the 27C512 ROM’s I found a small daughter board in between the 2 main boards that held the 68k CPU and also an Intel D8749H MCU. I desoldered the MCU and attempted to read its contents, the chip was not bit locked and I got a dump. I also started to read all of the ROM’s. There was 16 in total simply labeled from 1 to 16, unfortunately number 1 was completely dead and couldn’t get a read at all, I did manage to dump all the others though and 3 of them were not recognised in MAME, the rest were matched to Set 1 in MAME.
I did think about submitting this to MAME but without it being complete im not sure if its worth it.

UPDATE: Ive also dumped the PAL20L8 from the same daughterboard.

If anyone wants these files let me know

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