Mar 112012

As with all VB’s and in my previous repair, one of the screens goes a little strange, in my case it was the left screen.
I initially used the oven fix method which worked well but only for a short amount of time.

I fired it up today and was greeted with the same left screen showing garbage.
Rather than use the oven trick again I decided it was time to try one of the more adventurous methods out there.
Turns out there is a nice video on YouTube of how to fix it using a soldering method.

Instead of dropping a load of solder onto it I used some liquid flux and a small amount of solder. You can see it working quite easily and no braid was needed to mop up the excess.

The whole thing only took a few minutes and worked perfectly when I put it back together.
Time will tell how long this lasts but I don’t see why it should cause issues again.

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