Jul 132018

Recently I decided to take a look at another custom IC, the Taito ‘PC030CM’:

It’s a 20 pin chip in a brown-ish SIL package used on some PCBs like Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Big Event Golf, Tokio/Scramble Formation, Legend of Kage and few other.Like schematics shows, the ‘PC030CM’ handles coin inputs as well counters/lockouts:

If the part fails (most of times it breaks due its fragile nature), the board will no longer boot, an ‘I.O ERROR.’ is all you will get:

For this reproduction project I had no need to inspect or analyze the part but I simply re-engineered,using SMT devices, a replacement board that can be found on some Arkanoid bootlegs:

Then I compared my schematics to work previously done by ‘JROK’ on KLOV forums and, once verified everything, I  designed a proper PCB.Here’s the reproduction how looks fully assembled (I ordered it with red soldermask but manufacturer wrongly made it blue)

For the testing the user ‘manimani’ on Neo-Arcadia forum kindly sold me an original Arkanoid PCB :

The board was missing the ‘PC030CM’ custom :

Some workaround was made in such a way that the board could coin up the same using the SERVICE button instead :

So, this was a perfect platform test for my reproduction which worked fine:

Thanks again to ‘manimani’ and ‘JROK’.See you at my next reproduction project.

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  2 Responses to “Taito ‘PC030CM’ reproduction”

  1. It’s me to thank you Caius, you made again a great job for the arcade community.

  2. Hi Caius ! 🙂
    It’s a fantastic project !!
    Do you think it’s possible to sale some of this reproduction PCB of the PC030CM ?
    I ask you that because i have an Original PCB of Bubble Bobble that have this Taito Chip and i got the I/O Error
    I have made a small modification for can play, i explain : The I/O Error is because Coin B always ON so i trace the output pin of Coin B of the PC030CM until the JPH1011P pin 5, i isolated this pin and that work fine but the PC030CM start to have some issue with Coin A so…
    If you can sale me an reproduction PCB i would be happy 🙂


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