Feb 162013

My friend Runik is currently in the process of creating decrypted ROMs for SEGA games that use the FD1094 custom CPU.
If you are able to test them on real hardware then please give feedback.


To use simply (re)program the relevant eproms with the ones downloaded and replace the custom CPU block with a normal 68000 CPU.

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  1. i have mine uploaded to somebody site at : http://www.pinballzone.com/tech/fd1094/index.htm

    please take a look.

    • Already seen them mate. Thanks
      Runik is hopefully going to do all the FD1094 games so we can resurrect all our suicided games.

  2. Hello dion, thanks for your work on the sets 😉

    Would you mind having your files hosted here too, to have a common repository ? This way I could focus on unavailable sets :p

  3. I’ve got a spare System 24 board that is in need of decrypted floppy disks… any interest in giving those a shot? I am sure it would be quite a bit more difficult. Especially since the only way (that I am aware of) to copy the disks is to use an original floppy and the System 24 PCB.

    I’ve tried to creat a working image of Scramble Spirits from the MAME .img file for my board on my PC and it never makes a working disk.


  4. Runik: Please do so. i don’t mind to have them hosted here.

  5. Dion. Your files have been added, many thanks.
    Are they all confirmed working?

    • porchy: i just test some of them, i.e. tetris, moonwalker.. i don’t really remember. you can just flag them as untested and start to update if someone has tested them.

  6. by the way, by testing the game, means not only running them in demo mode, but playing it until final level and see if there’s something strange spotted. i.e. moonwalker set that i tested, was have a bug in middle of beginning level, after searching up and down, it turned out the game key (from mame) appear to be slightly corrupt. i edited the key a bit then rework the set. test and the bug gone.

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