Sep 112012

Got my hands on this thing today

There are no EPROM’s in it yet but will knock some together when I get time and test it out.
It has a battery backed RAM and a bank of DIP’s that I have no clue yet as to what they do.

There is a CK2605 PLD at IC10 marked up as 315-5341.
I cannot find any programmer that will actually support these chips but it is known that they can be dumped as a PLS153 and Charles MacDonald has a utility that can trim the overdumped .JED and convert it to a functional PLS153 fusemap. I have uploaded this converted fuse map.

I have also decompiled the .JED into equations and converted it for a GAL22V10 which I will be able to use my converter board for. It is untested, obviously, as I haven’t had the thing up and running yet but will hopefully sort this soon.

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  2 Responses to “SEGA Megadrive EPROM PCB”

  1. Interesting bit of kit you’ve got there, look forward to seeing what you can do with it.


    • Not really sure what ill do with it. Its like a very poor mans Everdrive!
      I only really got it to dump that PLD

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