Jul 102015

Some PAL dumps update today.Porchy succesfully reversed into GAL16V8 format a dump (made by be some time ago)¬†from a PLS153 device labeled ‘315-5244’ which, as far as we know, is present on Sega System16A hardware (Shinobi and Passing Shot for sure) and should be identical to the ‘315-5150″ one from Fantasy Zone (always on System16A).’Spectroman’ succesfully tested this dump on his Fantasy Zone PCB.

Andreas sent in an archive containing all the PLDs from a Taito Midnight Landing PCB (a flight simulator).All PLDs were unprotected PAL16L8 and PAL20L8 (except one PAL16L8 @IC54 which secured so was not dumped) and came from a not working board.So, we will mark them as untested.Drop us a line if you have any chance to test them.

Thanks to all for their precious contributions.

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