Jul 172015

Today we have a huge PAL dumps update and all of them came from Konami boards (original and bootleg, too).Let’s start with order.

Porchy dumped the PLDs (actually one is a redump and replaces an existing one) from an original Time Pilot PCB.Devices were two 82S153 so he converted the dumps to a more usable GAL16V8 format and succesfully tested them on hardware.

Dragos sent us the PAL20L10 chip from his Mystic Warriors PCB, I dumped it and Porchy took care of reversing it in a GAL22V10.Dragos successfully tested it.

Andreas sent us dump of the PLS173 from an original Devil World PCB ( board ID GX687, chip marked ‘007789’ @10H also present on Gradius II).We mark this dump as untested until we found a way of reversing the chip in a GAL or test the dump in an original device.

Thank you all for your precious contributions.

As for me I dumped the three PALs (two PAL16L8 and one PALCE16V8) from a Run and Gun PCB and the two ones (PAL16L8) from a Block Hole.Lastly I dumped the two 82S153 devices from a Gyruss bootleg PCB (located on the Konami-1 replacement piggyback board) and reversed them into GAL format.All my dumps come in GAL16V8 format (except for one from Gyruss that needs a GAL18V10) and have been tested as working on PCB.

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