Jun 162015

Got a friends Pang PCB here for repair.
He had carried out the ROM swap (made by ArcadeHacker) to desuicide it but he had no output although we could hear it playing blind.
The board is very clean and a visual check revealed nothing.
On powering the board up I got this screen

I could also hear the board did play blind so that’s a good sign.
I like to make little schematics for boards when I’m working on them and they don’t have any available and I quickly came up with this.

I started probing back from the RED pin on the JAMMA edge connector and soon came to a RAM chip at location 8C. Probing this chip and its counterpart gave me some odd looking signals which I got suspicious about.
These chips are CXK5814 SRAM chips and they seem the be the most unreliable RAM by comparison.
One of the RAM’s had all its data lines stuck LOW while the other chips data lines were all dead despite all the enable lines working as they should and the address lines active.
At this point I was certain they were dead but one last test was to ‘piggyback’ a known good RAM chip on top of the suspected bad one. I chose the one with the dead data lines to avoid potential contention and I got a partial image on screen.

I desoldered both the RAM chips and replaced them. I didnt have any spares in my RAM bin but found a couple of skinny 6116 RAM’s on a scrap bootleg board.

Fitting these I now got this wonderful sight.


Job done.

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