Jun 052012

In amongst a box of boards I had this Pang 3 on the CPS1 hardware.
The game didnt work but ended up being another dodgy motherboard. The game actually worked fine.
Going purely from the quality of the board im going to say that it is a very good bootleg of the Mitchell B board.

Its just too poor to be genuine i feel.
There is a difference to this one though.
It has been hacked to use a different C board.
The C board used in this case was from Final Fight which is nice because I regret selling mine recently so I will make up a new one.

This board also has the Mach215 security PLCC on it. I will attempt to read it out when I make up an adapter.

I have dumped the two 27c4096 ROM’s and confirmed they are not in MAME so you can find them in my downloads section if you want them for any reason.

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