Sep 242015

Had this chassis for a long time sat in my loft. Its never worked properly and testing it now it doesn’t do anything.

Taking a good look at the chassis showed that quite a few capacitors had been leaking and testing random ones with the ESR tester revealed plenty more bad ones.
As it was in a poor state and also seeing as it is my first attempt at a monitor repair I opted to replaced pretty much every cap I could and do a clean up along the way.

I removed all the caps and tested each one that came out. Here is a list of the ones I found to be bad:
C958 – 47uF 16v
C956 – 680uF 10v
C457 – 10uF 50v
C459 – 22uF 50v
C561 – 47uF 16v
C451 – 22uF 50v
C222 – 22uF 50v
C201 – 47uF 16v
C203 – 47uF 16v
C955 – 180uF 25v
C953 – 47uF 160v
C513 – 10uF 250v
The electrolytic capacitor on the neck board was also bad.
Also found resister R585 (120k ohm) was damaged.

I ordered up the caps and cleaned up the PCB.

I then turned my attention to the remote board.

This had two pots missing but had a couple of different ones hacked in their place and the smoothing capacitor was also leaking. I found some 10k Alps potentiometers on eBay so ordered a couple of those too.
The existing pots look in bad shape but they check out OK and operate quite smoothly so ill leave them alone for now.

A few days later all my stuff had arrived from Mouser and I was ready to put this thing back together.

I fitted it back into my spare 29″ tube and fired it up for the first test.

With a bit of tweaking I got the decent picture. The photo doesn’t really do it justice but I’m pleased with the results.


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