Jul 112010

So, this is my first and so far only cabinet.

Its a big ass Leisure 2000 cab housing a 29″ Nanao monitor and stands about 7′ tall.

Ive had this titan sitting in my garage for over a year now and for one reason and another, Ive never quite got around to doing much with it, until now.

First job was to take that rats nest of a JAMMA loom out and neaten it up a little.
Besides the kick harness wires in the middle, the neater loom makes everything so much easier to work around

Next job, those god awful decals on the CPO, marquee and glass. First the CPO.

A few hours with a drill and sanding bit just about got all this crap off
In the absence of any new decals to go on, I opted to just spray the thing black.

It was quite a few months before I got around to choosing some new graphics.

Due to the fact that this cab is not going to be dedicated to just one game, I had a tough task deciding what graphics to have on it. After much looking around and due to my bizarre fascination to fighting games, I chose the fighting theme from GameOnGrafix (formerly MameMarquees). My order was placed and in just over a week my graphics were here. A pretty good turn around from the USA i think.

Although my cab is not “MAMEed” I do like the MAME logo and when I find an Astro City cab or similar this one will most likely end up a MAME cab.

This was my first attempt at doing anything at all with a cabinet and am very happy with what Ive achieved. When I first got this I knew very little about anything arcade other than the fact that I had grew up loving them and always wondered what magical things were inside them.
Ive learnt a LOT of new things along the way and have even learnt (and still learning all the time) to diagnose and repair my own PCB’s.
There are several forums out there that have a massive user base between them and although I am signed up to them all I settled on Aussie Arcade. A very nice bunch of people all willing to help and I thoroughly recommend people to pay them a visit if you want to know more about this addictive hobby.

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