Oct 032016

Had this for a while now and its been fantastic.

There Is a calculation outlined in the manual around predicting the life expectancy of the tube and ive made a little spreadsheet up to deal with that.
The calculation relies on being able to set the G1 voltage on the pot.

I noticed when I first got this that when I adjusted the G1 pot it was pretty loose feeling and also the reading bounced around everywhere.
Fast forward a year and I’ve come to use this again. I was completely unable to get accurate steady results from the G1 this time so I went to check the pot and found readings like this

I tried cleaning it out with contact cleaner but its had its day.
I ordered a new 250k pot from CPC and it came a few days later

Fitting this gave me solid results from the G1.

One thing I recently noticed about this rejuvenator is it has a switch marked “Soft” and “Strong”. Id not really noticed anything wrong with this before but the BMR 95 doesn’t have this option normally. It is present on the BMR 2005 model though.
Looking at it inside it looks to be a factory mod. The same wiring was used and its all part of the same loom. All solder joints look factory as well. Its either a factory mod or a very well done aftermarket mod. Either way Im pretty sure this give me the functionality of the BMR 2005.

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