Aug 262016

Today I got an interesting programmer unit.
Its made by a UK company called Lloyd Research and doesnt seem to be active anymore although their website is still up and running.

There is very little about these online, only one website came up in my searches with any kind of information and thats Baddinsbits.

I contacted the owner of this site and he kindly scanned in the manual for this programmer and sent it to me (manual can now be found in the downloads).
I dumped my firmware which seems to be one of the later versions, possibly from 2004.
I also went ahead and dumped the PAL’s from inside. There is one located on the EPROM PCB, two located under the LCD screen and one located next to the RAM. The one next to the RAM was locked which makes sense as I believe RAM upgrades were sold as optional extras. Anyway I managed to glitch this PALCE device and read out its contents. This is from the 8Mbit version.

If anyone has any other files, information or dumps they can give me please get in touch.
Big thanks to Baddin for the manual and the conversation.

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