Oct 162010

The Lethal Enforcers guns arrived today.
On testing I found that the RED gun aiming was off a little to the right and the BLUE gun didn’t register a shot on screen but it did register when the trigger was pressed.
I fixed the RED gun simply by removing and cleaning the lens.
When I opened the blue gun a few bits dropped out, the photo transistor and the spring that pushes the trigger back out.
The photo transistor had simply been dislodged.

I cleaned up the solder holes and resoldered the part back onto the small PCB.

I decided to give this lens a clean too as it had a big greasy fingerprint right on the middle of it.
The hardest part of this repair was getting the bloody spring back in place and to keep it there for long enought to put the gun back together. After a lot of bad noise I managed it. Ive taken a couple of pictures just in case anyone else needs to know how the spring actually goes back in.

I retested the guns and the RED one works perfectly but the BLUE one doesn’t register shots fired around the edges. This is usually a common problem with older monitors as their brightness fades over time and the guns fail to register the screen flash. I know this shouldn’t be a problem with mine but I also know that components degrade over time too. I removed the bezel glass from my cab as it is slightly tinted and the BLUE gun now works perfectly. I will probably order a new photo transistor at some point, or possibly a new glass bezel!

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