Mar 042012

As mentioned in a previous post, when I converted my Jumping board to Rainbow Islands I noticed that all the text in game was black. Going back through some pictures I took when I first got the board I see its present there too.

So where do I start?
I know from making my conversion that the palette values are stored in the program ROMs and they are pushed out to the palette RAM at address 200000.
I looked at the RAM with a scope and all seemed fine plus all the other colours seemed fine.
I also know that all the values required for this text colour is when the 2 least significant bits (A0 and A1) are active, so I traced these out down to the video board.

After a long session of following various signals I came across a 74LS374 chip.

This had all its inputs stuck low but according the the scope had a fair bit of noise on them, enough noise in fact to make my logic probe see it as pulsing HIGH/LOW. Following these inputs over to the chip next door I see a 74LS273 with its outputs giving off this crazy signal.
I replaced the 74273 and booted the game

If you look carefully you can see the lower part of the text is missing and a bit scrambled. Taking another look at that 74374 chip and its outputs are still crazy despite having good inputs. After a quick desolder and replacment I got this

All fixed and now my conversion is totally complete.
I have left one bit of graphics the same as the Jumping. If you play the game, in the lower left corner, you number of current lives is displayed as blue stars. On the original these are small rainbows. Just a note in case I ever release my modified files and someone tries to sell it as an original or something.

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