Feb 082013

I’ve been chatting with Charles MacDonald recently about all things PAL related and have been experimenting with using the ABI to dump combinational PAL’s with 24 pins.
After a fair amount of learning and a lot of trial and error I now have a semi decent way of recreating 24 pin PAL chips.
So, here is my first offering. The last undumped PAL chip from Rainbow Islands.
It is used for some address decoding and lives in a PAL20L8 chip. Its ID is B22-07.

That now makes a full set of PAL’s for Rainbow Islands.
I’ve created this to be programmed to a GAL22V10 device but I can recompile it for a GAL20V8 device if required.
If you try this out please give any feedback you may have.

Thanks to Charles MacDonald for all the help and inspiration you have given me over the last couple of weeks. You have the patience of a saint!

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  1. Yes, confirmed.Charles MacDonald gave me a great support about his PAL Dumper.Thanks you again Charles!

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