Aug 282013

I recently got my DD Crew FD1094 back from Charles after he dumped it and despite liking the fact that we now have decrypted ROM sets, I do love my stuff to be original wherever possible.
I did attempt a battery change on one of these a few years ago and it ended in disaster so I was keen not let it happen again.

I ordered a couple of CR2032 batteries up and set to work.

First thing was to make the helper battery up. This was just another tabbed CR2032 with a couple of flying leads on with crocodile clips on the ends.

Then gently pry the lid up from the body.

To be sure I checked the voltage on the current battery. I’m glad I did as the + and – wires from the CPU had a layer of crud on them that meant I could not get a reliable connection. I took a stanley knife blade and scraped away at the top and sides of the wires which allowed me to get a good connection.

Next I attached the helper battery.

As the original battery was 3v and the helper battery was 3.3v it allowed me to check if the helper was connected properly, which it was.
Time to disconnect the old battery.

No I probably should have prepped the new battery before removing the old one but I never did. I got it ready though and proceeded to solder it in

Once I got the battery in place it became clear that with the plastic surround on it, it wouldnt fit in the CPU housing at all so I carefully snipped it away.

I closed the CPU back up

Now came the testing part.

Very pleased with that. I’m now going to order another battery up to do the other board I have still running on its original battery.

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  1. I finally got myself a few batteries with leads, which were not available in my local market. So I am going tochange them all (again) now.

    However I am curious to know how you reseaed the CPU, using the same glue it had? Thanks =)

    • There was enough glue left. These things are super sticky.
      I changed my other DD Crew battery today with no problems.

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