Mar 122011

The sound circuits on these DD boards really were bad!
Another one with dodgy sound, music was intermittent and half the SFX were really really low.
Did a full capacitor replace on this board for the sound, half the caps had started to leak. This brought back the music.
The sound effects were a little confusing. Like the last board I could see the data going into the M5205 chips but on IC80 there was nothing coming out of pin 10. I replaced the chip but this time there was no change. The board has had the op amps replaced at some point and there was a little rework done on them. Pin 5 (input) of the op amp at IC97 was shorted to pins 6 and 7 (output) effectively bypassing the op amp altogether, this explained why the sound was really low. Removing the short fixed the sound.
Another one destined for eBay.

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