Apr 022018

Here is something a little more special than normal.
A quick google search for “Cruisin USA link PAL” shows that a few people have been searching for this for a while now. I personally bought a PCB a few years ago in an attempt to dump it only to find the link up version uses a different PAL chip.
Recently TheDrunkenArcade bought the correct PCB and gave the PAL to JROK to reverse.
Massive thanks to TheDrunkenArcade and JROK for doing this and also allowing us to add it.

Next up is the Commodore C16 PLA. I made a post showing the method I used to recreate this to allow it to be programmed to an original PLS100 device. After much testing I have uploaded the file.

Finally my good friend Banjo Guy Ollie sent me IC48 PAL chip from his Shadow Dancer bootleg. The device seems to be operational but the PCB it came from is not yet 100% so we cannot test it right now.
There is another PAL on this PCB that he will be sending my way when he can.
Thanks to Ollie for this

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