Apr 022018

Today an important addition to our PLD database thanks to ‘coolmod’, one of our finest contributors.We have from him PAL dumps of :

  • Night Striker

This is a quite rare board, a 3D shoot ’em up  developed and published by Taito for the Taito Z System in 1989.Board uses a lot of PLDs and some of them are present multiple times at different location.We have the complete PAL dump set (from PAL20L8/PAL20R8 and PLHS18P8 devices, as natrive dumps and 256KB binary respectively) and but for now only some have been reversed and successfully tested into GAL targeting device.

  • Jackie Chan

A 1995 fighting arcade game with renderized characters developed and published by Kaneko.Two ispLSI 2032A (PLCC44 package) PLDs dumped.Dumps are unested so for now we consider them as “assumed working” (as well as the all the other ones we had from this PCB) since devices were unsecured but we are looking for someone to test them back on PCB.

Thanks again to ‘coolmod’ for his contribution.

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