Oct 182013

Brought a few of muddymusic’s PCB’s back with me from the recent Play:Expo. One of them was an original Willow PCB set.
The original fault was some lines through all the graphics but when I got it home there was nothing at all. I found with a little flexing of the B board then the game would run so I set about replacing the sockets that I know are quite unreliable in their old age. This didn’t make any difference.
I started checking the connectors that connect the B board to the A board and found 2 pins on CN2 that had no continuity through. These corresponded to A0 and A1 for the program ROM’s so that would explain why it wasn’t booting. Luckily Ive amassed a lot of CPS1 boards over the years and desoldered a 32 pin connector from the donor board and the Willow board.

This is what I got

The jailbars are back.
Luckily, I was expecting the C board to be broken before I got the game so I had modified the program code to use a B_21 C board instead.

This seems to now work fine but more testing will need to be done. This will most likely do until such time a new Willow C board can be found.

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  4 Responses to “CPS1 Willow repair log”

  1. Hi,
    sometimes C boards’ custom IC have bad solder joints.
    i just fixed a 90628-C-1 board by reflowing the pins of the CPS-B-03 custom it had on it.

    • Ive been over all the pins and reflowed them. It hasn’t made any difference unfortunately. The C board is in a bit of a state as previous attempts of repair are evident but there are no shorts and all pins are connected to the tracks.
      But yes, its always a good idea to reflow these chips.

  2. Cool. Well done.. 🙂

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