Oct 132013

Following a bizarre occurrence that happened to caius when trying to dump the IOB2 PAL from the World Warrior board that uses it, I set about looking for one myself. Help came in the form of rcantor77 from the JAMMA+ forum who very kindly brought it to Play Expo for me to dump.
All went well and caius has now tested it.
Not a commonly used chip but it is one of the few CPS1 PALs left to dump.

Thanks very much to rcantor77 for supplying the chip, caius for testing and Charles MacDonald once again for his excellent PAL dumping hardware as without it my archive of PAL dumps would not exist.

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  2 Responses to “CPS1 IOB2 PAL dump”

  1. Hi porchy
    soon to come i’ll try to dump some PANG 3 and another CPS1 game whose PALs seems not to appear in your archives.
    shame is that the gamea are non worker so …. th dump will not be tested properly.

    • There are a lot of dumps that are in MAME but not yet in my list but between the two I think we cover the majority of games.
      Im still really interested in getting a dump of the King of Dragons PAL chip in order to test some ROMs im working on.

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