Sep 272013

Recently picked up a bargain on eBay.
It was a job lot of Commodore stuff and included the following
3 x Commodore 64’s (untested)
a load of Amiga disks
a load of C64 tapes
a few 5.25″ floppies
couple of Commodore dust covers
an AV lead that looks to have an S-Video connector on it

Now when I see the work “untested” on an eBay auction it usually means its broken. In this case I ended up with 2 fully working C64’s and one with a duff PLA that I can easily replace.
So I got all this for a grand total of £21. Im very happy with that

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  2 Responses to “Commodore bundle”

  1. Really a bargain! Now, it would be cool if you could dump all the dumpable! I mean C64 disks and tapes and Amiga disks.

    • there is nothing really exciting on the disks and i think everything is already dumped by the SPS/Kryoflux team. I do have a Kryoflux device though so if anything interesting comes along ill dump it.
      I don’t have a 5.25″ drive though so those are out of the question for me at the moment.

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