Sep 252010

Had this original Commando board for a while now but never been bothered to make an adapter up for it. Even though it may look like the JAMMA pinout, it isnt.
The original fault was garbage on screen

It turns out that in the back on the manual (found on the net) are the schematics for this board and they are nicely split into relevant sections too. After a little while of following them through I started checking the relevant inputs and outputs of the associated TTL.
I found a 74LS74 with a couple of dead pins which I removed and tested again in the Chipmaster

Fired the game up again and the backgrounds were now clear but there was still some garbage. After a little more probing I found a 74LS138 with a dead output

Replaced this and tested, the game now works fine and it also ended up being the Japanese version of the game, Senjou no Ookami.

The screen is a little off centre but this is due to my CGA – VGA adapter not being setup properly for the game.

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