Apr 162011

Whilst soak testing the Commando board I had recently repaired for someone 2 bad things happened.
First the music disappeared
Second the pictures vanished.

I checked the RGB outputs with the scope and the signals looked a little weak but should be fine. I checked the SYNC signal and this was stuck HIGH.
Followed the signal back from the edge connector to a 74LS138 IC @ location 5L and the outputs on pins 3 and 4 were both stuck at just under 1v according to the scope.

The inputs to the IC were fine. I piggy backed a working LS138 and the picture came back normal.

The sound fault was fairly simple too.
The first thing I did was check the RESET and HALT lines on the Z80 CPU. These were fine and not stopping operation. Next I checked the clock signals on the Z80 and the Yamaha 2203’s. The Z80 was fine but there was nothing on the 2203’s.
The clock signal for these 2 come from a nearby 74LS74 IC who’s outputs were obviously dead but all the inputs were “as schematic”. I pulled this and testing it, it failed and a replacement has restored the sound fully.
Finally this is in good health once again and hopefully it will stay that way for a while longer, although with the amount of Fujitsu TTL IC’s on the board I very much doubt that but it is 26 years old now!

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