Nov 102011

Got a little free time today to mess with my Easyflash cartridge for the Commodore 64.
The main reason for getting this was to play Prince of Persia but its a fantastic device that ill be using for playing many games.

Mine came with the new Prince of Persia game already flashed onto it but wanted to have a play around myself.
The reprogramming is all done via the C64 itself using the Easyprog program so no external programmer is required although an SD device is highly recommended.

If your using an SD2IEC device then the Fastloader option needs to be disabled in the OPTIONS menu or it will hang at this screen (thanks for the heads up Steve).

My mate Stiggy has already written a nice little writeup on this device and he stated that flashing a file took him just under 40 minutes. Not totally sure how big the file was but I tried to copy Last Ninja 1 & 2 over which is 882KB and using JiffyDOS took just under 10 minutes.

After this the game loads pretty much like you would expect from a normal cartridge. Im very impressed with this thing. Now to find more goodies to try out.

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