Aug 292013

Today has been a good day for the PAL archive.
First of all Andrew96 submitted a tested dump of a PAL from his Terminator 2 PCB.

Next up Dion sent me 19 attachments!
He tells me that they are from an old drive and are to be labelled as untested but from what ive seen they look like valid dumps so there is a good chance that they would work. Im more than happy to have untested dumps too as without them you have pretty much no chance if it goes down. At least this way there is a little hope.

Here is a list of what Dion sent:
Blue Hawk (in a strange format but may still work)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (A11F bootleg)
Dynasty Wars 2 bootleg
Red Zone
Knights of the Round bootleg
NeoGeo motherboard PALs
play Girls 2
The Punisher bootleg
Sailor Moon
Sky Smasher
Sunset Rider bootleg
Super X
Tetris bootleg
Thunder Dragon
Vapor Trail
Zero Team

Massive thanks to both of you and indeed everyone that has ever contributed in any way.
The archive is nearly at 400 entries now!

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