Oct 062013

The people that brought us the CPS3 super BIOS/SH2 mod are currently working on converting Atomiswave games to run on a NAOMI.
This morning I thought id give the Demolishfist game a try and netbooted it up.

Ive never played this game before and probably never would have if not for this work and I am very impressed.
I got to level 2 and couldn’t see anything wrong with gameplay or graphics. There may be some issues but I lack any knowledge on the game so I really don’t know.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of this project and hopefully Hokuto No Ken will be soon. It was the only reason I bought an Atomiswave (sadly needed to be sold on) and really miss the game.

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  3 Responses to “Atomiswave Demolishfist on NAOMI”

  1. Cool. Didn’t realize you could netboot them. 🙂
    Care to share some ROM location URL?

  2. Yes it’s a great job from Joerg.

    I’ve finished the game and compare with the original one (i have the original AW game) no problem that i can notice here,the Naomi x AW version runs like the same game.

    I hope they keep going and release all AW game to run on Naomi Hardware


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