Dec 082011

So my ZX81 ROM is apparently too slow to take advantage of my ULA so that means I needed an alternative. Unfortunately, as with the breadbin C64’s there is no EPROM alternative for the 2364 ROM but there is also no room in the ZX81 case for an adapter to fit properly.
Enter the ROM-EL 2364 from Retro Innovations.

This is a modern day solution for those old ROM’s and can be made switchable with a little extra work.
The only problem is an adapter is required in order to actually program the replacement. As the one I made was a complete hash I wont be taking any pictures of it but it served its purpose and now I have a switchable ZX81 BIOS.

My 81 is starting to look less like the original and more like a modern rehash but its working just great.

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  1. Sweet.

    What is the name of that ULA replacement? Or are they not available yet?

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