Dec 152011

Today I received a ZXpand with AY sound add-on.
This is a really useful SDcard device for the ZX81 made by my pal Charlie Robson.

Havent had a chance to mess around with mine today but ive used one at RCM and have been most impressed.

Ill post more on it when I get time over Christmas

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  2 Responses to “ZX81 ZXpand unit with ZXpand AY sound add-on”

  1. Veeery Nice. Had a brief play around with Andy’s a few months back and would like one myself one day. Am currently awaiting delivery of a DIVide and will be following your comp mod tutorials soon..

    • I’ve not really played around with it myself yet, keep finding other things to do. As you probably know, its the curse of having too many hobbies.
      I have loaded a few games just for testing purposes and it works very well.

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