Mar 182017

Some days ago I had this Truxton PCB on the bench:

Game had wrong colors on some background/foreground objects, like title screen

This part of graphics is generated by a ceramic PGA custom marked ‘NEC D65081R’ which addresses four 1Mbit MASK ROMĀ and read/write data from/to four 62256 static RAMs:

Address bus is daisy-chained between the custom, the four MASK ROMs and the four RAMs, all was in order here.Custom receives data from MASK ROMs and transmits/receives to/from from RAMs on two different bus.When I went to check connections, I found no continuity between pin 17 (D5) of the RAM @18F and the custom.Here is where trace from pin of the RAM goes under the custom (picture taken with a USB microscope)

Infact, if I pressed the custom in this corner, the fault went away.I simply reflowed this dry joint and all came back to normality.

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