Mar 292017

Today we have some new PAL dumps from these boards:

  • Thunder Blaster (japanese release of Lethal Thunder, Irem M92 hardware).Devices were two secured PAL16L8 located on ‘M92-C-B’ ROM board.The one labeled ‘M92-C-2L-‘ @IC7 is present also on all other revision of M92 ROM boards although under different labels.The one labeled ‘M92-C-7H-‘@IC43 is specific to this game.256KB binary PAL dumps has been sent in by ‘robotype’ and I took care of reversing them.Lastly I re-organized all the IREM M92 dumps in the database adding notes about shared PALs and indication of ROM board hardware revision where they come from.
  • Rabio Lepus (japanese release of Rabbit Punch, Video Systems).Two secured devices dumped and reversed : one PAL16L8  on CPU board and one EPL16P8BP on video board.

All dumps have been successfully tested back on respective PCBs using GAL16V8 targeting devices.

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