Sep 282015

Got this The Simpson original Konami PCB from my friend ‘supermik’ for a repair:

The Simpsons_PCB

He told me board didn’t boot showing an error on initial self-test, indeed I got this:


Check reported a bad IC @12 (screen upside down was due this fault) which is, in particular,  a ER5911 EEPROM used to store game settings (you can find datasheet in our section):


I encountered this fault several times and the only option is to replace the IC (probing it confirmed that the only data output was stuck).So I took this EEPROM from a dead board and, after installed it, I performed the initialization procedure that is to hold down the test button while powering on the board and keep it pushed until a message will confirm the successful outcome :


Bart Simpson, eat my shorts! 🙂


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