Nov 272015

I got this mint The Outfoxies PCB for a repair from my friend Zoran :

The Outfoxies_PCB

For the uninitiated it’s a fighting game released by Namco in 1994 on Namco NB-2 hardware.The board ran well but had some inputs issue regarding the player one.Down input was not responding while left one was intermittent.This was confirmed also by switch test :

Also in this Namco hardware (like the NA-1/NA-2 and NB-1 ones) the inputs signals from JAMMA pass for first through some SMD EMI filters (which suppress high frequency interferences).Using a multimeter revealed that JAMMA pin 19 and 20 parts side had continuity with the inputs of the EMI filter @FL12 but the outputs lost their connection with the pads:


Restablishing the lost connection with a bit of AWG30 wire fixed the issue completely:


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